Kill Em All Again

th1rt3en is Pharoahe Monch, Marcus Machado & Daru Jones.
Our debut album, “A Magnificent Day For An Exorcism” is available now! 

th1rt3en- Kill Em All Again


th1rt3en- Kill Em All Again (song credits)

Produced by Pharoahe Monch, Dr. Lee Stone
Written by: T.Jamerson, L.Stone
Vocals: Pharoahe Monch
Guitar: Marcus Machado
Live Drums: Daru Jones
Mixed by: Parks
Mastered by: Dave Kutch (The Mastering Palace)
Artwork: Cayetano Ferrandez
Label:Fat Beats
Distributor: Soulspazm


th1rt3en- Kill Em All Again (song lyrics)

What a disgrace for human existence, screw you all, 13’s a stickler for sticking stitches in your voodoo dolls. I’m as malicious as wicked witches with the broom and all, I’ll kill ’em again, shit on ‘em then exhume ‘em all, then kill ’em again. Kill ’em again (singing)  Kill’em again. Kill’em again.

In a cinema on your cell like Instagram is your scripture, the reason why you fail to see the bigger picture, inauthentic, addicted to Internet affirmation quintessential assholes mentally masturbating, fascinated with fast hoes captivated by cash flow although eventually we will all be acclimated. Blind lust for the acceptance from the masses who flock, to a pit to view from a worms eye who’s on top. A mockery of what it actually means to be free. Fucked, stuck in matrix sucking the Devils cock.

Kill ’em again. Kill ’em again
Kill ’em all again. Kill ’em all again
Kill ’em again. Kill ’em again x2

In a cinema on your cell like Instagram is your scripture, caught in the spell with no plans to see the bigger picture. Delusional, desensitized, careless stuck inside the web with no inner awareness. It’s beautiful though, the removal of true cynics, the lieutenant who rebukes the genetics of fools blended, it’s stupendous when it’s the moment to administer eugenics the onus is on me! See the bonus is that they sleep, the felonious one seeks a harmonious intellectual world where it’s only just lyricists the addition of true art, the subtraction of fuck shit a collection of all three. Innovate or be identified as an adversary who doesn’t demonstrate the compassion to be free and we’re not asking for votes cuz that’s weak I’m simply slashing their throats while they sleep!

Kill ’em all again. Kill ’em all again
Kill ’em again. Kill ’em again x2


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